Project Description

Project Requirements

We undertook the complete reorganization of the  TAZZA espresso-wine bar & bistro,  corporate identity and the change of customer orientation, while at the same time strengthening Brand as a choice of Greek and international clientele.
There was an urgent need for the new services to be projected, as well as a gradual acceptance of the changes that were made in depth without, however, affecting client balances.



Areas we have affected:


Techniques applied:

We have been privileged to create a new business modern business site. The new site (, was designed to give the visitor the physical vibe that touches the visitor when he visits the store’s natural place.

In almost simultaneous action, the professional Facebook page was radically revived, and was enriched with frequent and interactive publications.
The page management team focused on targeting and responding to the friends of the page, resulting in an increase in real likes, and a qualitative customer interaction.

The technique of free Wi-Fi marketing has been applied, so that wi-fi users are automatically informed about services, happenings, competitions, or any real-time activity in the real time.

Project Design 98%
Graphics Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Original design concept

Change corporate identity, brand reinforcement, change of customer-driven change.

Planning and polling tests

Repeated tests of reaction and acceptance of changes or new products by old or new customers. Evaluation of results.

Completion – maintenance of the project

The site has ensured an almost universal change of corporate identity without customer leakages, while at the same time reinforcing and establishing the brand as a meeting point as well as authority on the services offered.

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Brand reinforcement

After a vigorous advertising campaign of about six months, and with the targeted use of appropriate social tools, the business stabilized in an upward course in both coffee and wine and catering services.
An important role in the establishment of Brand is the smooth continuation of social media engagement and the maintenance of customer communication with the help of appropriate digital media.

Goal achievement:

  • Increase customer mobility and stabilization.
  • Characterization of the place as a must-go area.
  • Smooth change in the level (social and financial) of customers.
  • Attracting local and international new clients
  • Maintain stable relationships and links with a large number of visitors.
  • Successful and vibrant adaptation of new services to the habits of old customers.