Project Description

Description Project

The creation of a modern professional blog, with style and personality, many different ways of communicating users with the owner of the blog or between them, as well as the implementation of blogging techniques for blog articles on all available digital networks.

The challenge

We aimed to portray the owner’s personality in his own blog. Such a model should be created to attract users who share interests with the blogger, or have something to say about them. The atmosphere of the blog required a very specialized “set-up” of articles to make them readily available and not visually tired.

The solution

The choice of the most modern professional templates, the frequent appointments with the blog owner, the installation of all the available digital communication channels, the graphic retouching of all pages in order to transfer the aesthetic atmosphere, gave the result, which was accepted by gathering more 11,000 new users in less than four months. Techniques Behind Creation

Graphic design

Modern professional structure, with colors that highlight the atmosphere of the blog.


Easy-to-use interface, even by users with no experience, direct article rotation, easy article search

Channels of Communication

Connect to all available digital communication channels, with analytics reporting capabilities, and user communication control


The blog has boosted its popularity by bringing together more than 11,000 unique users in Greece and abroad in less than four months from its inception!

Customer Satisfaction Depends on Final Results

” The DPP team gave me the opportunity to communicate and meet people who talk, think and feel the same way as me, and I would suggest to every professional and everybody who has something to say to the rest of the people”
Gavriella Krapati, agnostoi blog