“A strong team, with great joy and imagination, which simply creates fresh ideas!”
Lila Race (Owner), Tazza espresso bar & bistro
”The brainstorming meetings with D.P.M. team really have evolved the way we communicate with our customers, especially in the highly demanding field of art!”
Vasiliki Sianti (Owner, Director), SIANTI Visual Circle
‘The DPM team gave me the opportunity to communicate and meet people who talk, think and feel the same way as me, and I would recommend them to every professional and everybody who has something to say to the rest people.”
Gavriella Karapati (Founder-Blogger), agnostoi blog
”Excellent cooperation and creativity from the members of the D.P.M. team.
We thank you for your professionalism..”
Sofia Armoutoglou (Marketing Director), Melia Athens 5**** Hotel
” A dynamic group that studies the real needs of an enterprise, sets goals and accomplishes them.”
Kostantinos Tzanetakis (Owner), You and Eye optics
”In a demanding venue, such as fashion, our collaboration with the D.P.M. Agency has demonstrated the strength of both socials and new ideas”
Aggelos Pexaras (‎Senior Retail Buyer), s.Oliver Greece
”The competition of the restaurants in the historic center of Plaka is huge, we are in the second year of cooperation with the DPP Agency, and already the summer turnover proved that it was the right choice to work with them.”
Lena Filio ( Owner), Xenios Zeus Restaurant
”Μέσω της συνεργασίας με την D.P.M Agency το eshop της εταιρίας μας κινήθηκε ανοδικά και με σταθερούς ρυθμούς, για περισσότερο απο δύο συνεχόμενα χρόνια”
Παναγιώτης Ραπανάκης( Owner), Kapola Gymnastics
‘We founded our organization 10 years ago, with the help of D.P.A.A., we managed to make our actions known to the general public and we gathered new members who helped us considerably in our charities”
Dionys Vardakas ( Founder), Panos & Cressida 4 life-help children

Some Of Recently Completed Projects


We Build Solutions In Your Daily Quests

We design and produce results


It is important for us to see you with the eyes of your customers so that we can study their common features.
The processing of the appropriate information about the “target” you will target the targeting strategy in the right direction.


Collaboration-often initial appointment-communication.
Creating the persona model of your ideal customer.
Choose the digital tools that relate to your type of business.
Digital profile assessment and customer interaction poll
Market research and competition study.


Overlapping management of the digital tools that resulted from planning, for maximum campaign campaign performance.
Review, appoint an appointment with representatives of your company for rerouting goals.
Dedicated working group, sending 15-day and monthly performance reports.


Digital campaign self-audit process with budget saving technique.
Audit response and response targeting audience, and retesting tests to better respond to cost / response ratio.


Full implementation of the digital campaign, after the completion of pre-testing and analysis of results testing.
Analytical report to your company, with minimum-maximum reach assessment.
Monthly meetings to evaluate the project, and rerouting parameters

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